Lollipop PlantFlat
INDIA+919814066007, +919872966007,
Vacuum Batch Cooker
Model DSCV0050
Capacity 1000 Kg./8Hrs.
Drive 1.5+5=6.5 HP
Batch Size 50 Kg/Batch
Batch Time 20-25Minutes
Dimensions 1220x940x2000mm
Weight Net 500 Kg
  Gross 900 Kg
Batch Cooling Plate
Model DSCP0050
Capacity 50Kg./Batch
Water Required 1-50 Ltr. Hours
Cooling Area 1525x915x/1828x1220
Dimensions 1930x965x914 mm
Weight Net 500 Kg.
  Gross 750 Kg.
Usage Both Sides/Single Side
Powder Filler
Model DSPB0500
Capacity As per forming Machine
Drive 0.5 HP
Dimensions 600x600x600 mm
Weight Net 50Kg, Gross 90Kg
Application Filling in Cnady /
  Bubble / / Ball Gum
Sugar Pulling Machine
Model DSSP1525/1535/1550
Capacity 25/35/50 Kg.
Drive 2 / 3 / 5 HP
Dimensions 850 x 750 x 750 (25Kg)
Weight Net 360 Kgs.
  Gross 520 Kg (25c Kg)
Batch Former
Model DSFM0075
Capacity 75 Kg/Batch
Drive 0.5+0.5=1HP
Rope Dia 20-60 mm
Heater 1 Kw
Dimensions 2300x570x1700mm
Weight Net 450 Kg.
  Gross 850 Kg.
Rope Sizer 3 Stage
Model DSCB7200
Speed 60 Meter Rope/Minute
Drive 1 HP
Sizing Wheel Input 33 Output 21 mm
Dimensions 810x500x1320 mm
Weight Net 325 Kg.
  Gross 475 Kg.
Lollipop Forming Machine
Model DSLP0800
Capacity 1000Kg/8Hrs.
Drive 2 HP
Min. Size 16x16x5mm
Max. Size 26x26x26mm
Dimensions 900x650x1450 mm
Weight Net 600 Kg.
  Gross 850 Kg.
Three Way Cooling Conveyor
Model DSCt1000
Capacity 1000Kg/8Hrs.
Blower 3 HP
Wiremesh 300, 300, 300 mm
Dimensions 5180x550x940 mm
Weight Net 650 Kg.
  Gross 1100 Kg.
Elevator Conveyor
Model DSEC6000
Application Lifting of Candy to
Dimensions According to requirement
Speed According to requirement
Weight Depending on Size
Sandwich Wrapping Machine
Model DSSW0300
Capacity 100 Pcs./Minute**
Drive 1 Hp
Heater 2 Kw.
Dimensions 2000x850x1550 mm
Paper All type Laminates/Heat
  Sealable Films
Weight Net 700 Kg.,
  Gross 1100 Kg.
Flat Lollipop Forming & Sandwitch Wrapping
Model DSFW0300
Capacity 300 pcs. per min.
Max. Size 40 mm
Stick Length 90 mm
Dry 3 HP
Sealing Power 1 Kwh.
Dimensions 3350x1165x1860 mm
Weight Net 1800 Kg.
Gross 2400 Kg.
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